Bioelectrogenesis group is located at the University
of Alcalá campus. The nature of our research requires 
a broad variety of equipments that covers the
multidisciplinary approach we consider is necessary.
Concerning this, we split our activities in three
physical spaces all at the campus of University of

The bulk of our research is mainly carried out at
the Department of Analytical Chemistry and Chemical
facilities, an academic environment with a
large experience in bioengineering and biotechnology
projects focused on environmentally clean technologies.

These features make UAH an idoneous atmosphere for developing our research activities. Bioelectrogenesis  group counts on specific facilities dedicated to operate different microbial fuell cell setups monitored by electrochemical equipments. On top of that we are  well equipped for culturing  and studying physiology and molecular biology of anaerobic bacteria using either batch or continuous culture in chemostats. 
Our group also belongs to IMDEA-AGUA, a new institute
devoted to investigate water technologies that provides
our group with high-tech analytical resources for water
analysis and wastewater treatments.

Bioelectrogenis Group is not just limited to laboratory research but also develops activities that involve bacteria-plant interaction or field applications. Some of those activities are carried out in the facilities at the Royal Botanic Garden Juan Carlos I, in Alcalá de Henares. This institution offers excellent greenhouses and wetlands areas at walking distance of our laboratories so integration between lab and field research is assured.